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Get to know Ioannina and the surrounding area

Castrello Hotel is situated in the traditional area of the castle of Ioannina with the four gates and the traditional cobbled lanes.

accommodation inside castle of Ioannina
accommodation inside castle of Ioannina

The old town area

Five minutes on foot will take you to the south eastern Citadel, Its Kale (meaning inner castle) where you can admire the Byzantine Museum, Fethiye Mosque, the Museum of Silversmithing and the view of the city from above. Very close to it you can find the Municipal Ethnographic Museum and gain a multifaceted experience of the old town since three communities, the Ottoman, the Orthodox and the Jewish coexisted there, each one having its own features. In front of you, you can also see the Ottoman baths, Soufari Saray, the Jewish Synagogue...

A few minute walk will take you to the lakefront where you can take the small boat to the island and explore it. It is the only inhabited island in a lake and it is a landmark for romantic and lonely people as well as nature lovers. Even if it is a very small island, it has seven monasteries and it is the third monastic community in Greece following Agion Oros and Meteora. It is also worth visiting the Ali Pasha’s and Revolutionary Period Museum.

A five minute walk will take you to an open area with lots of traditional cafes and restaurants. The airport of Ioannina is five kilometres far from the hotel. The Pavlos Vrellis Greek History Museum with its wax images is in a distance of thirteen kilometres.

accommodation inside castle of Ioannina

Close destinations

Within easy reach from Ioannina there are forty six small villages known as Zagorochoria, which are perched on the lowest part of Pindos Mountain, built according to the traditional architecture of Zagori. A distinguishable sight is the Vikos canyon, one of the most well-known canyons in Greece. Another outstanding sight is the unknown villages of Tzoumerka with the breathtaking gorges and the spectacular waterfalls. Finally, a beautiful village in the slopes of Pindos, Metsovo, is waiting for you. It is only a forty minutes drive far from Ioannina and is one of the most popular destinations. You can visit the Averof wine making industry and Tositsa’s cheese making industry. For ski lovers, the ski resort of Anilio is a one hour drive.